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All Terrain Cranes Brisbane: When is the right time to hire an All Terrain Crane?

Posted By Lindores Mobile Cranes  
21:47 PM

An All Terrain Crane could be just what you are after if you need to access a lift in an area that is off-road or has loose or uneven ground surfaces. But there are many other advantages of an all-terrain crane for projects in and around Brisbane.


When Lindores Mobile Cranes first began trading back in 1992 as Lindores Cranes and Rigging, the mobile crane industry in Australia was far different to what it is today. Mini cranes were just beginning to make their mark, the Franna crane was starting to be mass-produced and becoming more popular, and it was evident that there was a need for a more flexible and versatile options to the traditional tower crane. This was especially relevant to the booming construction industry in South East Queensland and the newly emerging mining industry further west. 


All Terrain Cranes are the versatile option when it comes to mobile crane hire. Our All Terrain Cranes are primarily used in the local civil construction industry. The all terrain crane takes the rough gravel of construction zones in its stride. An All Terrain crane is also useful for other “off-road” applications such as forestry and landscaping, farming and agriculture as well as in mining and quarry work.


Benefits of an All Terrain Mobile Crane



As mentioned above, All Terrain Cranes can access virtually any site, being able to travel safely over sand, gravel, grass, loose soils and wet surfaces. The off-road capabilities mean that the All Terrain Mobile Crane can reach even the most remote and difficult to access locations.



All Terrain Mobile Cranes are built to be driven on ordinary roads at a maximum speed of 88km/hour. This means that you can move the All-Terrain crane quickly around your worksite, or between worksites, limiting downtime and travel time significantly.



The All Terrain Crane is a robust and strong crane, despite its small size and agile abilities. All Terrain cranes and quick and straightforward to set up and can lift loads of up to 500 tonnes. The four-section boom means that only the section required for the lift needs to be extended by the crane operator, making it highly versatile. Most All Terrain Cranes also have a jib that is suitable for two hook lifts, once again, increasing the versatility of the crane.


Saves Money

The All Terrain Crane saves hirers money by its extreme versatility. Being able to be driven quickly between locations, saves in travel time and therefore cuts the amount of hire time you will need, therefore saving money. It’s all terrain access also means that the one crane can be used in a variety of different situations, helping to keep costs down and your project on budget.


Hiring an All Terrain Mobile Crane

If you need a robust, hard-working crane that can be used on a variety of different ground surfaces including sand and gravel, then the All Terrain Crane is what you need. The team at Lindores Mobile Cranes will be happy to assist you in all aspects of your crane hire to ensure that your project is completed in a streamlined and stress-free manner. 


To arrange a quote, a site inspection or to book a hire, get in touch with the friendly team at Lindores on 07 3376 0611.