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How much can a mobile crane lift?

Posted By Lindores Mobile Cranes  
21:09 PM

A mobile crane’s lift capacity can vary anywhere between 2 tonnes for the smallest mini mobile cranes to 3000 tonnes for the most massive and most robust cranes. Mobile cranes rival fixed cranes for lift capacity but have unrivalled flexibility and versatility on the worksite.


Mobile cranes are the compact workhorses on any construction site. Brought in to do the problematic lifting, the mobile crane’s potential in terms of its strength can often be underestimated. So how much can a mobile crane lift and what type of crane has the best lift capacity? Read more to find out.


Can mobile cranes lift as much as tower cranes?

Some mobile cranes have a lift capacity of over 1000 tonnes! That is a lot of weight! These extreme high capacity cranes are not particularly common here in Australia; our mobile cranes tend to max out at 500 tonnes. The most popular mobile cranes in Australia are those that lift between 20 and 350 tonnes.


Without going into the specifics of load charts, it is essential to remember that the maximum load a tower crane can lift is around 20 tonnes. Mobile cranes can lift significantly more than a tower crane, and are less dependent on weather and external conditions. So why do most large scale developments use tower cranes? The answer is simple; a tower crane can be built much higher than a mobile crane can go, making them an obvious choice for high rise developments. 


What type of Mobile Cranes are there?

Mobile cranes are not just the heavy lifters of the construction crane industry; they are flexible, versatile and efficient; making them an easy choice for many construction project managers and builders. 

  • City Cranes are great at accessing tight spots but still providing significant tonnage. The City Crane vehicle is nimble and has a close turning circle, meaning inner-city laneways and built-up areas are not a problem for this handy machine. Our Kato City Cranes can lift a maximum weight of 13 tonnes.
  • Franna Cranes are known for their durability and simplicity. These pick and carry cranes have a relatively slimline body which enables them to access tight locations, similar to the city crane. The Franna Crane is an all-terrain, four wheel drive vehicle, meaning worksites with loose gravel are no problem at all. Our Franna Cranes have max capacities between 20 tonnes and 28 tonnes depending on the model and can drive at speed on ordinary roads.
  • Mobile Slew Cranes can lift between 13 and 100+ tonnes and are flexible on the worksite and can lift and place with extreme precision. These are the tough, heavy workers of our crane family and are always popular with commercial construction and multi-storey developments.


When it comes to considering load lift capacity and crane options, load lift power tends not to be the driving decision making factor. Most people who hire from us will choose the mobile crane that is best suited for their project for other reasons such as lift radius, rough terrain accessibility or slewing ability. Don’t let the size of the crane fool you. Mobile cranes might be small, but they can undoubtedly lift their weight. 


At Lindores Mobile Cranes our free crane hire planning service means that we can help you work out the best mobile crane option for your next project. Whether the deciding factor is lift capacity or not, we can make sure that the crane you hire will work as hard as you do to get the job done. Get in touch with our friendly team to arrange an obligation free quote or to discuss the needs of your next project and to work out the next steps for your crane hire.