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What is a hydraulic crane?

Posted By Lindores Mobile Cranes  
21:28 PM

A Hydraulic Crane is a heavy-duty mobile crane that uses an internal hydraulic system to lift massive weights. The hydraulic system runs just like any other hydraulic mechanism; pressurised fluid is forced against a piston, transferring energy into the piston, which is then forced to lift or move something. 


Background of Hydraulic Systems  

A Hydraulic mechanism is commonly used in car brakes, car suspension, forklifts, diggers, log splitters and of course, cranes. Hydraulics are even used as part of the backup power system in a space shuttle. 


The liquid that is used in hydraulic systems can be water, petrol-based or synthetic lubricants. The most common type of liquid used in modern hydraulic engines is petroleum-based fluids.


The hydraulic system works perfectly within a mobile crane, allowing the crane to lift extremely heavy loads. The compact nature of the mechanism means that even a large and powerful hydraulic engine can fit on a mobile vehicle base. This makes the hydraulic engine system a relatively standard feature of mobile cranes. 


Hydraulic mobile cranes are known for their telescopic booms. The reach of the boom allows the crane to lift objects that are significant distances from the primary vehicle. It also allows for the crane to reach heights that rival fixed tower cranes. But don’t let the look of an extended boom confuse you, they can still lift considerable weights when fully extended. The nature of the hydraulic system means that constant pressure is maintained throughout the lift; making your cargo completely secure at all times when it is being lifted and placed with precision.


Benefits of a Hydraulic Crane



The hydraulic system has been around for hundreds of years, making it not only safe but straightforward. The mechanisms are easy to repair, quick to service and make for a mobile crane that is easy to keep in tip-top performance.



Hydraulic Cranes are relatively lightweight. Most Hydraulic Mobile Cranes can be driven on ordinary roads and relocated to work or project sites simply and easily. 



Hydraulic Cranes can be moved within worksites quickly or to and from sites. They can be mounted on vehicles that provide all-terrain access, making them useful on uneven ground surfaces such as sand, rubble and gravel.



They are easy to move around when they are on a worksite because they are so compact.



Hydraulic cranes are quick to set up. A mobile hydraulic crane can be driven up to the work or project site, stabilised and be ready to use in no time at all. This not only saves time, but it means that your project runs smoothly and in a cost-effective way.


If you would like to know more about hydraulic cranes, how they work or how we maintain our fleet, then the team at Lindores Mobile Cranes are happy to help. The Lindores Mobile Cranes team offer a free site inspection with their crane hire to ensure that they can best match the your crane requirement with their fleet, to work through any safety considerations and also to help determine how long you will need the crane hire for. This is a complimentary service and is critical to the success of your crane hire.


To get in touch with the friendly team at Lindores Mobile Cranes, give them a call on 07 3376 0611 or 0412 791 118. Alternatively, you can send the team an email to with any questions or requirements for your projects crane hire.