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What size mobile crane do I need?

Posted By Lindores Mobile Cranes  
21:35 PM

The size mobile crane that you need for your project depends on several factors including accessibility of your site, ground conditions as well as the weight of the load you want to lift, the radius and height required for the lift and the maneuvering that is required. 


Mobile cranes are useful heavy industry tools, used appropriately they can save a project in both time and money. It is not as simple as working out how heavy the load that you need to lift is and then determining the tonnage capacity of the crane that is required to lift it. Take a look at the other factors that come into play when looking at choosing what mobile crane you need for your next project.


What we need from you or at site inspection



  • What is the weight of the load that you need to lift?


Calculating the total weight of the load is essential information that your mobile crane hire team will need to help you determine what crane to choose. If you are unsure, you may need to consult an engineering professional to provide a load lift breakdown.


  • How far does the boom need to reach?


Calculate the approximate distance from the middle of the slew ring on the crane to the exact point where your lift needs to land.


  • Are there any clearance concerns?


Take a look at your potential crane site. Are there any height obstructions, powerlines or other possible overhead obstructions? If you are you operating within a building, what is the ceiling height?


  • Are there any lateral obstructions?


Is there anything that could impede the slewing motion of the mobile crane or cause a 

lateral obstruction, other buildings or structures? 


  • What is the ground surface like?


Ground surface is incredibly important in determining what size crane you will need for your project. Is the ground surface uneven, gravelly or sandy? Is there a risk of rain and how will this change the ground surface. Can the ground support the weight of a crane?  Do we need an engineering report for the crane to be set up?  If indoors, what is the flooring like and does it need protection?


  • What is site access like?


Accessibility is another critical factor, both into the site and also on the site itself. It is essential to look at what the access points are, how wide they are and what sort of turning capacity is available on the site. For interior work, some of our smaller cranes can go through door frames and into lifts, so the width of these access points is also important to note.


  • Do you require the cranes to use a pick and carry function?


Most mobile cranes don’t pick and carry, for this we use franna cranes or humma cranes which are purposely built for this function.


What we do:


  • Take into account potential crane hardware sizes.


We consider the distance from the jib head to the hook and the type of hook that will be required. We also include in our calculations any other lift equipment that may be needed and how this will impact on the mechanics of the lift.

  • Calculate the lift requirements, how heavy, how far and how high?

Special considerations for these requirements is what most of our lifts are based on.


  • Match the job requirements and specification to the most appropriate crane or cranes for your project.



It is important to remember that we have been in the business of planning and implementing successful mobile crane lifts for more than forty years. We have extremely experienced personnel who know how to plan a lift, where a two crane lift will be a safer option and how to execute for maximum efficiency. When it comes to crane hire, bigger is not always better; many of our clients are surprised at just how much our smaller Mini,  Franna and City Cranes can lift and the flexibility that they can offer on the worksite.   Most recently we specialised in Mini Cranes so therefore will never overestimate the crane required for your job.


To talk through the requirements for your next project, get in touch with the team at Lindores Mobile Cranes. Our team has the experience to make sure that you make the right choice in crane hire and get the job done in the most efficient way possible.