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What to look for when hiring an EWP

Posted By Lindores Mobile Cranes  
21:38 PM

When it comes to hiring an EWP (Elevated Work Platform) for your next project, there are some important considerations to take into account. If you are unsure whether you need to hire an EWP or even what an EWP is, then take a look at our blog to learn more.


What is an Elevated Work Platform?

Elevated work platforms are vehicle-mounted that provide a platform that can be moved into various situation for a worker to access high locations. Elevated Work Platforms are often used by energy technicians to access powerlines, by painters to access second storeys and in manufacturing to repair and maintain large equipment. Our clients also use EWPs in warehousing, signage installation, lighting, window cleaning and any other situation where safe, elevated access is required to get the job done.


EWP’s come with a safe working box or platform that provides a rigid platform for the person carrying out the work on the EWP. 


To see the range of EWP’s that Lindores Mobile Cranes has in their fleet head here


What types of EWP’s are there?


Scissor Lift is an EWP that lifts straight up and down. They are simple to operate, however not nearly as versatile as the other types of EWP’s. 


Boom Lift is another type of EWP. Boom lifts are either towable or truck mounted, towing them they can be attached as with any other towed vehicle to a truck or ute. These are the most popular of the EWP range.  They are incredibly safe options as the platform is entirely surrounded by guard rails, meaning the worker can use both hands for the task requiring the EWP. 


At Lindores, we specialise in providing equipment to industry; therefore, our fleet comprises of Boom Lifts, Underbridge unit EWP’s to give maximum flexibility and durability for our clients.


Benefits of an EWP

Indoor and outdoor usage

EWP’s can be used both for indoor and outdoor projects. They can be especially useful for large indoor spaces such as inside museums, shopping centres and churches for cleaning and installation of decorations and artwork.



EWP’s provide a safe working platform that is a much better alternative to ladders. EWP platforms have complete coverage by guard rails which will enable the worker to use both hands safely. This means the job can be done both safely and effectively.



EWPs drive up to a site, and once set up they are ready to go. There is minimal setup and pack down required. They are a far quicker alternative to scaffolding and even to harnesses and rigging for most jobs.



An EWP is an extremely versatile option. It can be used in a variety of different ways within the one project; in fact, it is quite common that an EWP is hired for one aspect of a project and then is used for several different tasks within the same hire. Cobwebs anyone?



At Lindores Mobile Cranes, our EWP are used by hundreds of businesses each year to help them get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our EWP’s are used by painters, tree loppers, window cleaners, electricians, mechanics and engineers, just to name a few. If you think an EWP could be a benefit to your project or company, give us a call on 07 33760611. The Lindores team are happy to talk you through how an EWP could be used in your context and to arrange an obligation free quote.