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Why do construction companies prefer to hire mobile cranes?

Posted By Lindores Mobile Cranes  
21:54 PM

Construction has changed over the last four decades that Lindores Mobile Cranes has been a part of the industry. We have been in business long enough to remember the hard times. We have worked with Brisbane construction companies through the 1980s when interest rates peaked at 17% through to the GFC, and now in the COVID-19 recession. We have seen these companies grow, change and adapt, despite and often through adversity. The growth of the use of mobile cranes in construction is one example of this adaption.


The Changing Brisbane Skyline

As a company, we have been a part of what we like to call “Building Brisbane”. Our mobile cranes, which were once regarded as the domain of the home handyman, have been used to build some of the impressive skyscrapers that are now a dominant part of the Brisbane skyline, such as the Sky Tower. The versatility of our mobile cranes means that they can be used in conjunction with a tower crane for the larger builds, and as an alternative to a tower crane for many smaller builds. 


The reasons for the turn of the construction industry towards mobile cranes are varied, but below are listed the most common reasons our clients choose to use mobile cranes.  In saying that, tower cranes and mobile cranes work in conjunction with each other in building this city.


They can lift significantly more than we first thought.

Mobile cranes can lift loads of up to 500 tonnes. Most commonly, our cranes lift between 20 and 130 tonnes daily. On most construction sites this capacity is more than enough for the vast majority of their requirements.


We provide our clients with a qualified crane operator.

A qualified crane operator knows their vehicle like the back of their hand. They can quickly and efficiently move the crane into the optimal position, prepare and execute lifts and pack up and remove the crane when it is no longer needed. Our mobile crane operators are fully licensed and responsible for all safety protocols that involve the crane; allowing you more time to get on with managing your build.


We also provide the most experienced Dogman and Riggers.

Without qualified Dogman or Riggers, your job cannot run smoothly and have the safest setups and lifts for your products.  It is a legal requirement for every crane to have a licenced Dogman or Rigger.  We only send out the most experienced in the industry and have recently set up a training program with Major Training to hire young enthusiastic upcoming Dogman and Riggers.


Mobile Cranes take up minimal space on site.

If the site is large and the build is long term and complex, a tower crane is usually used. But if the build is more agile or is in a built-up area, a tower crane is not the best option. Project managers and builders have been using mobile cranes in growing numbers for this very reason for the last 40 years. The mobile crane takes up very little space on the worksite, it can be driven to the exact right place, and it is quick to set up and pack down. Best of all, when it is not needed, it is driven back to the depot and the space it was using can be used for another aspect of the build.


The mobile cranes efficiency means we save money.

This is something that we hear time and time again from our builder clients. Our mobile cranes save them time because they are efficient, versatile and robust. Being mobile, they can access even the most challenging locations, and be moved multiple times within a job if needed. Increase efficiency means a leaner project, and more likelihood of keeping the project in budget.


At Lindores Mobile Cranes we are proud of our contribution to building Brisbane. Our fleet has a wide variety of options which means they are suited to all aspects of construction. Our smaller cranes are often used for residential builds, our mid-sized cranes are especially good at accessing tight city locations for builds in densely built-up areas, and our larger cranes are perfect for multi-story developments such as apartments and large scale industrial builds.


If you are looking to hire a crane for your next project, talk to the team at Lindores Mobile Cranes. Our team are experts at getting the most out of our fleet and can help you plan your construction crane hire for efficiency and project flexibility.


Get in touch with the Lindores Mobile Cranes team on 07 3376 0611 to talk cranes.